Things To Do In Winton, Outback Queensland

Ah, Winton Queensland. You sure caught us by surprise! This tiny, remote town is not on every traveler’s radar, and it wasn’t even on ours until our friends told us about it.

“It’s only a one-street town, but we liked it. It was quaint, and it’s so nice to sit outside at the pub on the corner and watch the Winton world go by.”

Mount Isa to Winton Drive - Outback Queensland

Despite being only home to around 856 people (according to the 2021 census) you’d be surprised by the amount of things to do in Winton.

It’s surrounded by vast, open desert plains, cutting it off from everywhere and everyone, so you can be sure the locals have created some unique attractions to keep them occupied!

The town of Winton was everything I’d romantically dreamed up about an Australian Outback town. If you’re planning a visit and not sure what to do there, here are some of the top things to do!

Is Winton Worth Visiting?

Winton QLD is definitely worth visiting. It may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer, from its fascinating dinosaur history, to opal mining history, to art installations, and of course the scenic landscapes of the Australian outback.

It also happens to be the town where Waltzing Matilda was written, which famously put Winton on the map.

With its charming, laid-back atmosphere, variety of attractions and diverse history, Winton is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.

Things to Do in Winton

1. Explore Downtown Winton

tree in middle of median strip in country town

After the first evening, where we did indeed sit outside that pub on the corner, I commented to Craig how I felt like I was finally experiencing the Outback Queensland town I had imagined.

You could almost picture a Cobb & Co carriage rolling up and down the wide ambling streets and horses tied up outside the pub that sits on every corner.

Tattersalls Hotel with pond in front

Town folk sitting around the bar, open to conversations with strangers. Stories shared about the history and characters that roamed the streets, old and new, and a community where everyone knew your name.

It was all here in Winton, except for the horses tied up outside the pubs. There’s not a pub on every corner, but there are four pubs spread out about the town serving its community of only 2,000.

The Tattersalls Hotel was the pub on the corner where we sat with new friends John and Suzie on the pavement, under the stilted veranda above us.

We arrived early, and the locals did indeed sit around the bar open to conversations with us.

gum tree and grass in front of Tattersalls Hotel
That pub on the corner

There was the young man from country Victoria, who worked at the Dinosaur Museum, quietly enjoying a pot of beer before going home to cook dinner. He shared with us what he loved about the town and we talked a little about footie too.

There was another local, the owner of the motel down the road, who’s made several appearances in many of the films made in the region. His word ran into each other as he excitedly asked questions and shared his takings on the town and, of course, his love for rum.

The barmaid knew everyone’s name and order and was quick with service and super friendly. There wasn’t a look that said, “Oh God the tourists have walked in.” Instead, her eyes warmly said “Welcome to our pub and how can I help you enjoy yourself.”

Ahh. I might just settle in here at this bar stool for awhile and chat. The handy toy room out back occupied the kids and allowed Craig and I do that while the girls built a farmyard.

The owner Paul popped over to say hi and shared with us how, after traveling the country, Winton was his choice of home.

We’d only been there an hour, and already we had an inkling this place was something special.

Beside us during dinner, sat a film production crew. Winton is like the Outback Hollywood of Australia.

2. Have A Drink at Walkabout Creek Hotel

porch and entry to walkabout hotel

On the drive into Winton from Mount Isa, we stopped in at the Walkabout Creek Hotel for a cold beer – the place where a thirsty Paul Hogan, aka Crocodile Dundee, drank.

man at pub bar with bber
woman sitting at barrel in pub drinking beer
verandah of Walkabout Creek Hotel -

This production crew was filming a series about the Alamo for an American production company.

Mystery Road and The Proposition are a couple of the several films and documentaries produced here. Each year in July, Winton holds the Outback Film Festival, which I’m super keen to attend.

With its outback Wild West landscapes of jumps, or mesas, and its romantic history there are a lot of stories to be told here.

Messa near Winton in Outback Queensland
Mesa near Winton

3. Visit The Waltzing Matilda Centre

Winton is the place where Banjo Paterson wrote and first performed Australia’s unofficial National Anthem, Waltzing Matilda and to the great mystery was run out of town three weeks later.

Our new friend, Suzie told us parts of the story over dinner. Her great Aunt, Sara was engaged to Banjo for eight years and Suzie is making a documentary on the story herself.

You can learn all about the history of the area at the Waltzing Matilda Centre – the only attraction in the world dedicated to a song.

Banjo Patterson statue at the Matilda Centre, Winton, Outback Queensland

I will admit, I got a little teary while watching the holograph at “Billabong Theatrette.” The ghost tells his side of the story of Waltzing Matilda, a song that lives deeply in the heart of any Australian.

It’s not just a song about a sheep stealer that drowns himself to evade spending life in prison.

Death was more preferable to a loss of freedom. On my travels around the world, Waltzing Matilda was often sung in pubs and around campfires where groups of Aussies hung out.

You felt a strong connection to home and a belief that our culture was special and worth celebrating and loving.

All of this came rushing back as we sat and watched. I tried to explain to my children what it meant, hoping they’d understand the importance of it being more than a good poem and a lively tune.

museum exhibit
Waltzing Matilda Centre – Winton QLD

For a bite to eat and your coffee fix while there, don’t miss the Coolabah Cafe attached to the centre.

Hands down THE BIGGEST focaccias, we’ve ever eaten (Craig recommends the turkey & bacon). The coffee was top notch too. AND there’s free wi-fi, that works!

salad sandwich
cappuccino on table

4. Visit North Gregory Hotel

You can also visit the famous North Gregory Hotel, which is the place Waltzing Matilda was first performed.

cars outside North Gregory Hotel
museum exhibit
A plaque on the floor

5. Visit The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

Apparently there were also Dinosaurs in Winton, who knew? In fact, it’s considered the dinosaur capital of Australia!

Winton has more than just deep rooted Aussie cultural history; there’s also the history of another kind – the prehistoric kind – dinosaurs.

bin with dinosaur foot in main street of winton

Imagine the surprise a local farmer got years ago when he stumbled upon some rocks that seemed a little unlike normal rocks.

This unearthing of dinosaur bones led to excavations and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum just outside of Winton now houses the world’s largest collection of Australian dinosaur fossils.

dinosaur outside museum
women and children looking at dinosaur exhibit

Previous to this discovery, Australia was the only continent where evidence of dinosaurs had not yet been uncovered.

You can learn all about the history and more by visiting the collection room, including touching a real dinosaur bone at the Fossil Preparation Laboratory attached to the museum founded by the very farmer who first discovered the bones.

children touching dinosaur bones
real dinosaur bones
dinosaur bones on a shelf

Just the location of the museum atop a dinosaur canyon, a rugged mesa that stands 75 metres above the surrounding plains is reason enough to visit.

You get a look out onto the flat plains now burying the dinosaur bones under a thick layer of black soil.

With a little imagining (well maybe a lot) you can picture a land that was once tropical and filled with palm trees and dinosaurs.

I’ve never in my life been that interested in dinosaurs, but Winton trapped me into their allure.

But wait, Winton still holds more magic and charm.

6. See The Musical Fence

We must talk about the musical fence. Imagine a standard wire fence with added acoustic resonators that amplify any sound in the wires, caused either by striking or by wind action.

It was right beside where we were staying and was our first port of call for our day’s exploring. As soon as we walked in we all dispersed to the instrument that called us most.

Kalyra headed for the drums, Savannah for the hanging chimes, and myself for the musical fence.

woman standing in front of a sign
girl sitting on a stool in front of a fake drum set

We had a great morning jamming session. None of us could hold a note too well, but who cares, we were having fun creating our own style of music.

woman standing in front of a fence
girl playing the drums

But wait, there is something else special about this musical fence. Gotye, you know of the fame “Somebody that I used to know”, the massive Grammy award-winning hit from an Australian artist.

Well, he got a lot of inspiration for that album from the musical fence!

Before he was known, he pulled up in town in his touring van and visited the fence to jam out and record some interesting tunes, which you now hear in his interesting music!

Yay. Go the musical fence. Go Winton!

You can actually watch that video here:

7. Visit the Royal Open Air Theatre

If you’re looking for things to do after sunset, then a night at the Royal Open Air Theatre should be high on your list.

Catch a late night movie under the stars or take part in nostalgia nights, where you can get tickets for classic movies.

The open air cinema operates from April until late September/October, so be sure to check out the what’s on calendar to see what’s happening when you visit.

8. Go On The Opal Walk Tour

One of the most popular things to do in Winton is learn about its former opal mining history.

The Opal Walk tour in Winton takes you on a journey to discover the region’s precious gemstone.

This short and informative walk introduces you to the world of opal mining and tells of the life of opal miners, as well as teaches you the history of the the Royal Open Air Theatre Museum.

There is a nominal fee for the walk, and you can find out information about times and tickets from the Gift and Gem Shop.

9. Check Out Bladensburg National Park

woman and children looking at view of Bladensburg National Park, Winton, Outback Queensland
Bladensburg National Park,

Just a 20 minutes’ drive from Winton main street is Bladensburg National Park.

This expansive park features flat-topped plateaus, sandstone ranges, grassland plains, and river flats, and is made up of several scenic driving tracks, camp sites and walking tracks.

If you want to experience the serene surroundings of the Queensland Outback, this is the place to be.

10. Visit Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum

Another fascinating museum in Winton is the Diamantina Heritage Truck & Machinery Museum which transports you back to the golden era of trucking and machinery.

It was established in July 2004 by a group of passionate trucking enthusiasts and community members, and showcases a remarkable collection of historic trucks, vehicles, machinery, and transport memorabilia.

11. See Dinosaur Footprints in Lark Quarry Conservation Park

For those who want to see the remains of dinosaur footprints, head to Lark Quarry Conservation Park.

This unique park is home to the world’s only known dinosaur stampede site, where over 3,000 dinosaur footprints can still be seen today.

This area, known as the dinosaur stampede national monument, travels across ancient mesas and gullies, surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes beyond the fascinating trackways left behind by these prehistoric creatures.

This is definitely a site not to be skipped.

12. Hike the Spinifex Circuit

If you enjoy hiking, then consider walking the Spinifex Circuit in Winton. This 2-mile looped trail takes you through the breathtaking jump-up country and red earth landscape of Lark Quarry Conservation Park.

As you traverse the trail, you’ll be immersed in the stunning scenery, surrounded by spinifex grass and unique rock formations.

The medium-grade trail provides an opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of the Outback while enjoying panoramic views from the lookout point.

13. See Arno’s Wall

clay wall filled with motorbike parts
Arno’s Wall

Arno’s Wall is an art installation that’s made out of concrete and rock from Arno’s opal mine in the nearby town of Opalton.

What makes this wall unique is that it’s made up of every household item you can think of, such as typewriters, motorbikes, boat propellers, kitchen sink, you name it.

It was the brainchild of German immigrant Arno Grotjahan, who first found the opal in the area in the 1960s, and resided in Winton.

He spent his whole life creating this wall, which runs at 2 meters high and 70 meters in length.

Final Thoughts

Stunning view from the Australian Age of Dinosaurs in Winton, Outback Queensland
Australian Age of Dinosaurs – Winton

Winton is also one of the friendliest places in Australia. They were friendly enough for us to comment endlessly on how friendly the people were.

I got a real sense of community in Winton, again another reason why it lived up to my romantic ideals of an Outback town.

I think it’s the only Outback town I could live in for a wee while.

And if your coming to Winton via Mount Isa the landscape along the drive is just gorgeous.

We visited Winton in partnership with Tourism Queensland as part of our Outback Queensland drive, though all thoughts, ideas and opinions in this guide are our own.

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