Easy Yoga Travel Tips To Keep Your Practice Up!

Travel can be exhausting for the body and spirit and, at times, stressful. It’s important to stay grounded, practice mindfulness, and internal balance while traveling, so that we keep our spirits and energy elevated.

Yoga is one of the simplest and easiest way to do this. Contrary to what you might think, it’s not so difficult to practice yoga traveling.

Maverick Ranch RV Park Lajitas
Yoga at the RV Park

Whether you’re looking to find a space to do some yoga classes online, or you want to attend some live yoga classes, in this guide I’ll show you how you can keep up your yoga practice while traveling.

Yoga calms body, mind and spirit and can also give you a much-needed workout combined with a stretching and easing out of the tension.

It’s not easy to form habits when you travel, but here are some easy ways to keep a yoga practice when you travel and retain a little of your sanity.

Yoga Travel Tips to Help Keep Up Your Yoga Practice

Whether you’re looking to stay accountable for your fitness and health, or you want to stay connected to your spiritual self, be sure to follow these tips to keeping up your yoga practice on the road…

1. Roll out a yoga mat in your hotel

woman and child doing yoga in prk

You might have enough self-motivation to roll out your mat and practice your yoga sequences, but may not feel the hotel room is the right environment.

For me, I like to have a teacher lead me through it, so I either need my laptop with a video or I need to find a yoga studio.

With two kids and luggage taking up the space in the hotel room, I need to find another space.

There is usually a common area for guests in any hotel, either by the pool, in a lounge, or on a terrace.

Some hotels even have a yoga room or fitness center, and if yoga is really important to you, try to find a hotel with these facilities at the time of booking.

If you’re conscious of getting in other guests way, here’s an easy 7-minute morning yoga routine you might want to follow.

This is also a great routine if you struggle to put some kind of routine together or find the time. Even 7 minutes is enough to make a difference.

2. Take your yoga mat with you

group of women doing yoga in the park
Caz doing yoga in North Hills Raleigh

If you’re road tripping, you’ll have plenty of room to carry a yoga mat.

Even if you’re traveling with a suitcase, carrying your own mat will ensure you use it. It’s also a familiar tool from home, and something you associate with doing yoga in your daily life.

If you don’t allow yourself to switch off the routine, it won’t be hard to stay on it.

But, if you have no room in your travel backpack, a towel or a piece of beach or grass will work. You can also invest in a travel yoga mat, or travel mat that you take to the beach, and use this.

While there, spend some time in meditation! It’s also a form of yoga, can be done anywhere and will help calm and focus your mind.

3. Find classes in the area you are in

Practicing yoga in the Barossa Valley, South Australia

My friend, Em, who we traveled the Top End of Australia with, discovered the Iyengar yoga classes at the Buddha Sanctuary in Broome.

It became my 6am 90-minute daily habit. We stayed in Broome for 5 weeks so this was where I really fell in love with yoga and became quite addicted to it.

Nowadays there is a yoga studio in even the most remote parts of the world. If you ever visit the islands in Thailand, or Bali in Southeast Asia, there’s a yoga studio on every corner (a bit like how Starbucks is taking over NYC).

And don’t forget cool yoga experiences like goat yoga!

How to find yoga classes on your travels

people doing yoga outside
  • Local community notices. I saw a sign poked into the grass at Yallingup in Margaret River advertising for yoga on the beach. It was just a five step shuffle from my campsite. You can’t beat those yoga views right? I’d also check out notice boards in shopping centres and visitor centres as well.
  • Ask the locals. The locals told me about yoga classes in Exmouth that I visited – again one was at the yacht club with views over the ocean! Just stop people on the street, or ask those working in stores etc. We always discover many gems by asking the locals questions.
  • Use social media. You can also join local Facebook groups for the destinations your visiting and ask the people in there where they can find the local yoga trade.
  • Search Google. I’d often just use Google to find yoga classes in the area I was visiting. But, I found that was often a futile task as Google can return junk, AND many yogi’s don’t have websites for their classes.
  • Through Yogatrail, I also discovered that Lululemon stores hold free yoga classes once a week! Not all of them so check on their site if they do in the area you are visiting. I thought that was awesome and I attended one class on a Friday in Perth.

4. Stay at accommodation that offers yoga classes

kid friendly yoga Bellarine

Yoga classes are something I keep my eye out for now when booking accommodation.

Many resorts offer early morning yoga classes, especially the more luxurious resorts.

Our Big 4 Beacon campground on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria had yoga classes every Saturday morning. I loved that!

Kalyra and I followed the yoga teacher into town one morning do a yoga class together.

The Karijini Eco-retreat in the Karijini National Park had morning yoga classes. It was a gentle start to the day with gorgeous views out over the red dust wilderness.

I’m noticing it appearing more often now as a feature of an accommodation stay. The SoMeT conference we attended last month also offered morning yoga classes!

5. Enjoy a yoga retreat

hammock on deck of yoga retreat with bush views
My little writing and reading retreat corner- bliss!

What better way to practice yoga on your travels then to go on a yoga retreat.

I bet you’re already planning it if you’re visiting Bali or India. I did a lovely yoga retreat a couple of years ago at the Billabong Retreat just outside of Sydney.

It’s actually on my list to escape on more of these on my own. Imagine that luxury as a mum! Byron Bay or Bali is first on the list!

6. Get a Yoga Teacher Qualification

What better way to stay accountable for your yoga practice than to become a yoga teacher.

As well as taking yoga retreats, you can find yoga teacher training retreats where you can learn your own unique teaching style and techniques.

After that, you can look for yoga travel jobs and become a traveling yoga teacher. This is a great way to earn a bit of beer money as well as keep up with your practice.

7. Online yoga classes – grab a membership

Yoga during sunrise at Uluru in Central Australia

I discovered online yoga classes when we were on our Australian road trip.

The online yoga classes did help me keep up my yoga practice as it helps to make yoga portable, but as you stream classes it was dependent on internet connection.

I started using YogaGlo, but have now switched to Grokker. I much prefer Grokker and not just because it’s cheaper!

It offers a lot more variety in the way of health, wellness and fitness than Yogaglo.

Although I feel Yogaglo possibly had more advanced online yoga classes. Grokker is more beginner to intermediate.

Grokker has similar expert-led instructional videos, but in four wellness areas: yoga, meditation, fitness & exercise and cooking.

I’m not just interested in doing yoga, so the other exercise videos are useful to me.

caroline and rina doing yoga
Did one quick yoga workout with my friend Rina from NC

PLUS I’m always on the hunt for healthy recipes and there are plenty of them within the membership site with instructional videos as well.

I love how Grokker has challenges you can sign up for. I have signed up for the intermediate yoga challenge, the pilates challenge, and the core workout challenge.

I select the videos I’d like to do and they slot it into a schedule for me, which is quite motivating for me to show up.

You can also collect wellness points which can be motivating to see how well you are doing with your exercise.

You can try it for free for 14 days, after which it’s $14.99 a month or you can sign up to a yearly plan which reduces it to $9.99 a month whereas Yogaglo costs $18 a month.

With that, I get unlimited classes. Plus, what I love about it, is that you can search for any kind of class you like of any duration.

It’s a no brainer for me. Considering one yoga class would cost me around $15 on the road, I’d only have to use it once a month to get my value.

So far, it’s the best I’ve seen online. You can check out Grokker more here.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube is brilliant for the kids. My girls do it all the time, especially when we travelled. Why not get them maintaining their own yoga practice on their travels?

8. Try seated/chair yoga

So you might be thinking that yoga is all about rolling out the yoga mat and twisting into cat-cow pose, but it’s not just about that.

Yoga is as much about breath work as it is about loosening up joints and your aching right knee.

Whenever you can find time to mediate, take a deep breath and practice mindfulness, be sure to relax those shoulder blades and stretch out the spine, even if you’re seated.

If you’re taking a long-haul flight, it can be tiresome on your body and muscles (thank you middle seat), so do some exercises to keep your body loosened up.

When doing chair yoga, you will primarily be working your upper body, and will require you to twist and stretch your arms, fingers and torso.

Here is a great guide on how to do seated yoga.

Final Thoughts

caroline holding goat
Goat Yoga in Finger Lakes – the ultimate

Travel doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to your fitness regime for a while but can be a way to enable a more healthy and active lifestyle.

I’m sure your travels will lead you to the most exquisite places to practice a few yoga poses: beaches, cliff tops, canyons, and ancient forests.

Your inner yogi loves nothing more than postures in pretty places.

We hope this guide helped you figure out some ways to maintain your yoga practice while traveling and inspired you to keep at it.

More Travel Fitness Ideas

Need more inspiration on how to stay healthy on your travels? Here are some other helpful resources…

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How to maintain a yoga practice on your travels

Do you have any tips to share for maintaining a yoga practice on your travels? Where’s the best place you’ve done yoga before? Let us know in the comments.

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